Clio Reese Sady
Clio Reese Sady (AKA Thatcher) specializes in telling stories through images, using a range of art styles from watercolor, fine line black & grey to bold painting reproductions. Clio is currently interested in the work of Goya, Bosch, Bacon & Dore. Clio is anarchist and oriented toward themes of liberation and survival, and though not religious loves to create works using Biblical illustration and compound images with secret spiritual significance. Clio is particularly excited about rendering scenes of people and animals in action, and connecting history to present with coded imagery.

Clio's rate is $180 an hour, with a $180 deposit up-front for drawing and consultation time which goes toward the last hour of the tattoo. Cash only, thank you.

You can schedule with Clio by writing their assistant at

Appointments available in Oakland at Diving Swallow Tattoo and in Portland at a private tattoo studio. Please indicate if you are in the Bay Area or Portland in the subject line of your email.

Clio Sady is involved in a number of art projects including graphic novel WE ALL TRESPASS and The Collective Tarot. To see more artwork please visit: