Clio Reese Sady
Clio Reese Sady (AKA Thatcher) specializes in telling stories through fine art tattooing, drawing from Kahlo, Goya, Bosch & Dore. Clio is anarchist and oriented toward themes of liberation and survival, and loves to create compound images with secret significance.

Clio's rate is $180/hour. You can schedule with Clio by writing their assistant at

Clio books in Oakland at Diving Swallow Tattoo and in Portland at a private studio. Please write "Bay Area" or "Portland" in your email subject.

Clio Sady is involved in a number of art projects including graphic novel WE ALL TRESPASS (2016), Families Behind Barbed Wire (2015) and The Collective Tarot (2008, 2010 & 2012).